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What to do if something's wrong?

First, please make sure to check the FAQ section on this page. We're constantly adding more information to it and it's highly likely that your question is already answered there.
The best way to get help if you have a general issue with the app is to join the discord server or facebook group.
If you have an issue with a payment or other sensitive information, it's best to write to one of the admins in the discord community.
As a last resort you can send us an email at support@edenphotos.io.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you add a folder that contains images to your Gallery and initiate the auto-organisation process, a very small thumbnail of your images is generated and then sent to a secure server for processing. The server then sends a response and the results are stored locally on your computer. A reference of the results is stored inside your account for easy synchronisation on other devices and so that you don't spend credits on the same image more than once. Keep in mind that this is a premium feature.

Absolutely. You can use Eden Photos to manually tag and categorise your images into folders. Free forever!

After the initial processing of your images has completed, Eden Photos will keep working in the background and periodically check for newly added images to the folders you add for processing. Leaving Eden Photos running will ensure that you always have your images indexed and properly categorised.

No. If you already have some tags or keywords set manually or through other means, Eden Photos will not affect those tags. The tags that you have on your images get added to your library of tags and will be visible inside the Eden Photos application. If you wish to exclude some, make sure you move the images to a different folder that is not synced to Eden Photos.

The most important part of the premium version of the app is the automated tagging and categorisation of your images. We use the latest generation of AI image recognition, which runs on relatively expensive servers. We need to pay the bills and generate enough revenue to provide you with an excellent service and keep working on the app to be able to make improvements.

The speed of the processing depends on the amount of images, the speed of your internet connection and the processing power of your machine. We only transfer very small chunks of data between your computer and the cloud servers, so it should finish relatively quickly.

No, not at all! We respect privacy. The application just temporarily uploads a small thumbnail of each photo for recognition and analysis and deletes after that.

Eden Photos was created with the idea to be super easy to use. No matter if you are a pro photographer or the kind of person that loves to shoot tons of photos the application will organize your images seamlessly. In practice you don't need to do anything - Eden Photos indexes all your and annotates them with tags and categories.

Yes, and this will send us over the moon :) But you better do it only in case you have a photo agency with 400 employees that want their photos organized.

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