Organize your photos

without organizing them

Tired of manually organizing images? 🥱 Let our AI do it for you 👨‍💻


Automatically adds tags

Put an end to manual tagging and make your images searchable with state of the art image recognition AI.


Uses AI to arrange

Puts your images in meaningful categories. Finally, all sunsets are in one folder.


Take your tags everywhere

Tags are added to the image metadata, so that you can keep using them wherever you decide to use them next.


One place for all your images

Import your images once and worry no more. Hopefully this is the last app you’ll need for image organization. When you make changes to your folders they are automatically reflected in Eden Photos.

No extra storage required

We’re taking it easy on your hard drive by using minimal extra storage for your images. No chunky libraries and cache files required.

Supports most image formats

We're constantly adding support for more formats. Make sure to let us know if you need something specific added.

Works manually too

If you’re feeling adventurous or you just need to add your personal touch you can do all of the work manually 😅

And most importantly, it includes YOU

We’re a small indie dev studio with a passion for making great products. We want YOU to be a part of the further development of the product. Write to with your suggestions and we’ll make sure to put them on the roadmap. Thanks 🙏

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