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Version 2.2.16

What's new 👇

  • Nested folders support
  • Apple Silicon support
  • New Personal plan
  • Bug fixes and overall improvements
  • *Every newly registered user gets 100 AI credits

Coming up 🔮

  • Pro features

Currently supported

  • Automatic tagging
  • Automatic categorisation
  • Try AI features without a credit card
  • Custom tags
  • Custom albums
  • Manually adding and editing tags
  • Manually moving between albums
  • Bulk editing of tags
  • Sign in with email and Google
  • Adding tags to IPTC (option)
  • Adding tags as Finder tags (option)
  • Supported image formats: JPG, PNG

Automatically adds tags

Put an end to manual tagging and make your images searchable with state of the art image recognition AI.


Uses AI to arrange

Puts your images in meaningful categories. Finally, all sunsets are in one folder.


Take your tags everywhere

Tags are added to the image metadata, so that you can keep using them wherever you decide to use them next.

Eden Photos - Sick of manually organising images? 🥱 Use AI instead 👨‍💻 | Product Hunt