Heavenly simple 
photo organization 
with Eden!

Seamless integration in the tools you are already using -
Photos, Finder and Spotlight Search are now aware of 
the content of your photos!

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Automatically add keywords to your photos.

Eden recognizes the types of objects and scenes in each photo and adds them as keyword tags directly in your Photos app. 
Later on you can modify them if you'd like.


Find your photos on all your iCloud devices.

Once your photos have keywords you can easily find them by typing the appropriate search term in the Photos search box. 
If your Photos are synced through iCloud you can also search directly in your iPhone or iPad Photos app - one of Eden's unique features!

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Artificial Intelligence, Image recognition, Deep Learning, 
Convolutional Neural Networks 
... and all the buzz words! 

At your convenience for super smart photo organization and search 
on your Mac and in iCloud thanks to Eden!


Auto-categorize your photos in albums based on their visual topic.

In addition to suggesting keywords Eden also creates Photos albums based on the visual topic of the photos and puts the relevant photos there. 
You can control what albums are created via the Eden Preferences and remove albums or photos at any time directly in the Photos app.


Focused browsing for a visual topic.

Albums make it really easy to explore the photos for each topic without the distraction that would otherwise come for other photos from the same slice of time but on other topics. 
For example now you can browse just among your 'Beach & Seaside' photos, or your 'Events & Parties' photos, etc.


Automatic finder tags, IPTC keywords and Smart Folders.

We haven't forgotten about your image files as well! Each image in your Pictures folder, Dropbox photo folders, or any other folder you'd like to add, can be tagged with both Finder tags and IPTC keywords. 
This enables search via the Finder interface and makes the tags seamlessly transferable to any service or tool that supports IPTC import. 
Eden also creates smart folders in your Pictures folder. They contain the image files from the Pictures folder and sub-folders grouped by visual topic.

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